Friday, January 27, 2006

Show Review - New Brunswick, Jan 26th, 8:30pm

Just came home from the 8:30pm show at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Great show, completely sold out, not an empty seat in the house form what I saw. The State Theatre is kind of a small venue, which made the stage kind of small...more on this later... I went to the show tonight with 5 other people, and I had pre-arranged a meet-and-greet with David after the show, so we were all pretty happy and excited for the show to start. Sat in the front row immediately behind the pit and had a nice view of the stage, right next to a TV screen where they projected a neat video for people to watch while waiting for the show to was basically a lot of factual info on David's career accomplishments, such as getting a Hollywood star, being knighted by the French government, holding 11 Guiness World Records, etc.

I think the show started almost exactly on time, right around 8:30pm. It started with a video montage of how David Copperfield has become a part of pop culture, filled with clips from countless TV shows that have made referenced to David Copperfield. Very funny video, although a bit long, but still fun nonetheless.

The illusion lineup tonight was as follows:
- Motorcycle Shadowbox
- Man vs Steel
- Anthrax
- Baby
- Shrinkbox
- Lotto
- Slo-Mo Duck
- Portal
- Thirteen

David seemed to be in a good mood and did not feel like he was just "going through the motions" as some recent reviews have stated on the official message board. Oh, and another thing, I've read reviews where people stated that David often forgets about people sitting in the balcony level...NOT TRUE...David frequently addressed the people in the balcony tonight, and even had a bunch of silver beach balls for the Thirteen illsion especially for the balcony people to particiate in! And as the finaly of the show, after the 13 people disappeared from the stage, where did they re-appear? Up in the balcony level! Bravo to David and crew for getting the balcony audiences so involved :)

After the show ended, we waited in our seats for David to come out, and I noticed that there were A LOT of people waiting for David, it seemed. I would estimate that there were easily 100-150 people waiting. I guess it's because New Brunswick is so close to David's birthplace - Metuchen - that there were an especially large number of people from his home town coming to see him and wanting to meet him? That's my guess, I don't know.

Anyways, as the theatre cleared, Adam came up behind me and introduced himself to me. Adam said that he's been visiting my website (I'm not sure if he meant or the official website...but either one, just as cool!) for a while and just wanted to say hi. So, Adam, if you're reading this, thanks for coming over to say hi! It was very cool to meet you! :)

While we were waiting, a few crew members also came by to say hello to me. I met Robyn for the first time tonight...what a sweet person. Very petite in size, but full of sweetness and so pleasant to finally meet in person. Chris Kenner also came by and said hi. For those of you who don't know, Chris is the "slo-mo guy" who comes out during Slo-Mo Duck to grab the fake Webster. I took a picture with Chris and chatted a bit about the show. I told him I'm still trying to locate a copy of the Celebrity Deathmatch video, and he said he's trying the same thing, as well as trying to locate a copy of a Law & Order episode with David in it. So, for whoever's reading this blog, if you know what episode it is and have a copy, please help us out!

When David finally came out, we were the 2nd group of people David met. He came down the row and recognized me and said hi. He immediately asked me what I thought about the new videos during the show, and wanted my feedback, so I just said that I liked's new and it's funny :) I then took a bunch of pictures for my friends with David, and then I took a picture with David, and he immediately wanted to take another one with both of us making the "C" (for Copperfield) with our hands :P I thanked him for the Christmas present I got from him, and that was about it. As we got ready to go, another crew member, Christine, came by and introduced herself to me and said hi. I've seen her in a couple of other venues before but never knew who she was, so it was really cool and sweet of her to come and say I finally know who she is :)

Didn't get the chance to say hi to Cathy tonight. She was busy back in Las Vegas and didn't come to New Brunswick with the crew...too bad :(

Well, that's about it. Below are the pics of me with Chris and David. Click on them to enlarge. Enjoy, I'm going to bed :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

First Blog!

Well, I thought that since "blogging" has become so popular in the past couple of years, it's time for me to add a Blog to TheMagicOfDC. I guess you can call it TheBlogOfDC, haha.

This is really just a quick intro, I don't have anything to post yet, but I'll be going to a show tomorrow night in New Brunswick, and I'll post a show review afterwards.

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