Thursday, July 20, 2006

David's 50th Birthday

So the present for David's 50th birthday is coming along nicely. I'm very happy to see that people all over the world are sending their pictures and letters :) I'm also very jealous that so many good looking women are fans of David! I gotta learn some pretty good illusions, lol.

I've been taking each person's photo and letter and laminating them back to back. For those photos and letters that were not the right size, I've been scanning them into my computer and re-printing them out at the right size. Pain in the neck but I want them all to be consistent, lol. I've thought about how to present them together in an album but I haven't made a final design choice yet.

I hope that everyone will forgive me for being a little selfish though...although I am going with the first-come-first-serve principle on ordering the photos in the album, I must let my grandparents cut the line and put their photos and messages on the 1st page :) My grandfather was the one who introduced me to David's magic more than 20 years ago, and he's been a HUGE fan of David's magic. So to be able to leverage any part of my now still miniscule connection to the crew to help bring David and my grandfather a little closer, I'll do anything. In this case, that means hoping that David will see my grandfather's photo and his birthday wish first, before anyone else :) I'm really sorry about this little selfish decision...if you want to write and complain, please do so.

I'm considering putting up small blurred icons of each photo...just clear enough to see some shapes of the people in the photo, but not clear enough to see who it is, where they are, or what they are doing. I think I will make a couple and see how the people react. If they are fine with it and don't feel it jeopardizes their privacy, I'll post them online as a way to 1) let everyone see how many people participated, and 2) let those that participated knwo that I got their entries and that they are indeed part of it all :)

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